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Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

In short: our goal is to design the best roadmap in order to eliminate conflicts, improve staff retention and become a more effective leader.
The way we do that is that we mentor, we coach and we give our clients their own dedicated team to help them build their own roadmap. So that you can do what you love-lead, you have a team dealing with mental patterns and you have mentoring to guide you along the way.
The real reason.
— Why
Leaders that move into this space knowing they have real value to give, want to lead best performance teams. They walk into the life of leading teams but they don’t know when they’re going to get a solid team, or how much this will cost.
You are a one-man army. You literally have to do everything yourself to make it work. The result is that you work on two ways: one way-with your team, and other way-with the CEO/owner of the company. And often you are somewhere between your team and the CEO/owner of the company. And you must put together team’s goals with CEO/owner’s goals.
— How
Many-many years ago, when I started leading people, I noticed that there is a lot of information out there, spread in all the corners of the planet. I knew that the most important parts should be putted together. So this is what I did. I spent three years building the foundations to my system. And this is what I’m going to give you.
We will customise and develop this system with you, and in many cases do it for you. So you can get that ultimate freedom: all you have to do is be on the round table when people are ready to sign up for your leading.
— What
What you do to change that is by looking at the difference between ‘Solo Leaders’ and really effective leaders. The really effective leaders put systems in place, which help them dictate the flow of their team. That means that communication happens naturally, meetings become more efficient and people will get closer to you.
All you have to do is manage process, tools & system and deliver your leading. That allows you to full scale, because you’re no longer the beggar, you’re the knight. And now you agree with your team the direction of company’s best results.

2. What can I expect from the call?
We’re going to be doing a high level team analysis so we can determine the root issue of what’s NOT working in your team. Once we’re both clear on what’s going on there we’ll discuss your goals. And if we determine working with Gabriel is your best next step toward achieving your goals and solving your root issue in your team, we’ll talk about that.
In case it ends up not being a fit, we’ll still point you in the direction of resources that will help you.
3. Who is Gabriel Katona
Gabriel Katona started his coaching career as a Goal coach. He works with entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders. Realising that so many leaders struggle to get their teams off the ground, 5 years ago he started working with leaders and business owners to build up their teams and to reach their goals, so they can become free of doing “the policeman work” within their companies.
He is the first Romanian Coach who wrote a guide about Coaching: “Guide of good practices in Coaching or Truth about Coaching”. And the first Romanian Coach who designed a Coaching model – “E-TORA”. More than 300 questions, covering all aspects of live, are part of this new Coaching model helping Coaches to better support their clients in planning and reaching their goals.